Ballot Measures: Arkansas

Early voting in Arkansas runs from October 22 to November 5

by Chris Thomas

Photo by William Recinos

Arkansas has two issues on the ballot that have to do with elections and election policy.

Issue 2

This would require voters to present photo ID in order to cast a non-provisional ballot. Arkansas has had two photo ID laws struck down by its Supreme Court on the grounds that the state constitution doesn’t require one to vote.

Impact: Major — Photo ID laws depress turnout by marginal voters
Support: Republican — no Democrats are on record supporting this issue and the Democratic party has been opposed to photo-id laws for voters for some time.

Issue 3

If passed, Issue 3 will impose term limits of the Arkansas House and Senate.

Impact: None— The Arkansas Supreme Court has already ruled Issue 3 invalid, so while it will appear on the ballot, votes for and against it won’t be counted.
Support: Special Interests — There’s bipartisan opposition to the measure in the state legislature but there’s no coherent opposition campaign and Arkansas voters favor the measure by wide margins.

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