An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Improve public transportation infrastructure. Support the ASAP act

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I urge you to support the All Stations Accessibility Program (ASAP) Act of 2021. This act will ensure that transit infrastructure, from stations to trains to buses, is designed inclusively with designated federal dollars. Many people use public transportation. It's affordable, and it's consistently reliable. This act will bolster already existing infostructure by ensuring local transportation authorities have the funds they need to increase accessibility when designing stations, trains, and buses. The ASAP Act would establish a discretionary grant program that supports local transit authority and commuter rail efforts to increase the number of existing accessible stations or facilities that meet or exceed accessibility design standards under the ADA for rapid rail and commuter rail systems. Across the nation, transportation access is one of the top issues affecting the lives of people with disabilities, but it is difficult to get funding. This act would appropriate $10 billion over 10 years – at least $1 billion annually – for this grant program. Even though this act benefits seniors and Disabled people the most, the more you design inclusively, the better the experience will be for everybody. If stations, buses, and trains were designed to meet the needs of multiple people, the experience would improve for everybody using public transportation. Improving public transportation infostructure would increase employment retention and employment opportunities, for example, because many people use public transportation to maintain a job, contributing to the economy.

First sent on May 20 by Robert Kingett

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