An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Eliminate the filibuster, pass the for the people act

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What are you going to do about the Manchin & Sinema problem? Our entire democratic system hinges on eliminating the filibuster and passing the for the people act. If that doesnt happen before the midterms, we will never be able to pass any kind of legislation or hold a majority in any branch of government. Ever. Including on the state level. What's the point of voting if there is no such thing as majority rule? Does everyone understand how serious of a threat this is? If we cant get 60 votes to investigate literally *who tried to murder them on jan 6*, we wont get 60 votes for anything. McConnell openly admitted (like he did with obama) that his only priority is to obstruct biden so that they can run on the tired broken government trope. What active measures are you taking to talk some sense into your obstinate sell-out colleagues?

First sent on June 6 by Samantha

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