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Please pass the Bird Safe Buildings Act

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I urge you to pass the Bird Safe Buildings Act. Almost one third of American bird species are currently endangered and fatal collisions with built infrastructure is a significant cause. We have a responsibility to prevent as many of these deaths as possible. The Bird-Safe Buildings Act would help reduce the number of bird collisions with buildings, a problem with significant consequences for bird populations and the environment at large. It encourages changes to the design of newly constructed or renovated public buildings that will have minimal impact on the budget but considerable benefits for birds and the ecosystems in which they exist. Building collisions lead to up to one billion bird deaths every year. The Bird Safe Buildings Act would permanently reduce bird deaths for little to no cost by requiring that any new or significantly altered buildings incorporate bird-friendly designs. By making this simple change, this legislation will protect endangered birds from dying preventable deaths. "As Congress and the administration look to make significant investments in our nation’s infrastructure, legislation like the Bird-Safe Buildings Act is essential to demonstrate how we can truly build back better,” said John Rowden, senior director of Bird-Friendly Communities at the National Audubon Society. The Bird Safe Buildings Act is a great step to implementing the changes needed to save the up to one billion birds killed every year by crashing into buildings. Please pass this important, bipartisan legislation.

First sent on May 19 by National Audubon Society

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