Resistbot Petition: Charge everyone who participated in DeSantis’ sadistic, illegal stunt
An open letter to the U.S. Senate

Charge everyone who participated in DeSantis’ sadistic, illegal stunt

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I’m writing because I’m furious about Ron DeSantis’s cruelty towards innocent migrants from Venezuela who were rounded up over days— from a state DeSantis isn’t even Governor of—lied to, persuaded with fraudulent information to go to a town that wasn’t prepared for them, and then dropped on the tarmac and left, forcing them to walk miles to the closest community center to find help. DeSantis’s actions are inhuman, sick, and likely illegal. Even worse, DHS seems to have participated in and aided this deception. Asylum seekers do NOT deserve to be treated with inhumanity. Has the Senator made a statement denouncing this act? Will you put pressure on the Department of Justice to investigate this act as a crime and charge everyone who participated in this illegal activity? I’ve had it with the cruelty.

First sent on September 17 by Patricia

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