An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Will you be our ally for residency-based taxation?

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As an active democratic voter from abroad in Maryland I am looking for allies in our fight to end the undemocratic taxation of Americans living outside of the US. This is a painful issue for the nine million of us living abroad, costing us the ability to do investments, get loans or even open bank accounts. It also costs the IRS more to administer than the money it brings in and does nothing to stop tax avoidance of wealthy people (by the IRS's own admission). Given the new laws and measures being debated in committee at the moment to tax wealthy Americans (which we support in principle!), us normal middle-class Americans living overseas are poised to become even more oppressed if someone does not speak up for us. I'm hoping my representatives will be our allies. Plus, this taxation is a relic of the civil war. If you're for removing confederate statues, you should be for ending citizen based taxation.

First sent on June 4 by Travis

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