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Listen to Health Professionals: Pass CA AB4!

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I am writing in support of AB4, inspired by the letter of support submitted by HPEACE, our local health professional activism group. AB4 would bring CA one step closer to universal coverage by expanding full-scope Medi-Cal to income-eligible adults ages, regardless of immigration status. I am excited the CA Assembly has passed it and urge my Senators and Governor Newsom to do the same. HPEACE has members from all health systems in Sonoma County. Many work in community health, in FQHCs, and care for those that would be covered by AB 4. This is an opportunity to have our Undocumented community covered by Medi-Cal and is vitally important to the health and safety of patients, their families, and our community; which is also your community. We have seen how lack of healthcare access, social determinants of health, and lack of safety protections by employers affect the health of patients every day. This has long been the case but has been especially apparent throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as many are considered “essential workers,” but without the health/safety/worker protections afforded to everyone else. AB 4 would change the lives of these patients overnight. The COVID-19 pandemic has made more visible and exacerbated the magnitude of racial health disparities. These disparities result in deadly outcomes for undocumented Californians who are systematically excluded from our social safety net. Immigrants are a critical part of the very fabric of our social and economic fabric, and they must be included in order to create a truly equitable health system in CA. For these reasons, I trust our local health professionals and support the passage of AB4.

First sent on June 5 by HPEACE

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