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#NoMore US Imperialism

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#NoMore I'm writing as an Ethiopian-American and one of your constituents to urge you to respect the sovereignty of Ethiopia, support the democratically elected government of the country, and condemn the terrorist organization TPLF. American taxpayers money, including mine and other millions of Ethiopian and Eritrean Americans, should not be utilized to destabilize our home nations and empower terrorist organizations such as TPLF. As a representative to Congress, please fulfill your duty and ensure our voice is heard: we, loudly and clearly, want the US to stop its pernicious interference in Ethiopia (the Horn of Africa and the rest of the continent overall) and to respect the choice of the people. We have suffered plenty for 27 years under the oppressive regime of TPLF; there is no way we would allow this nefarious organization to regain power. #NoMore US imperialism #NoMore US hypocrites and bullies dictating Africa's path and destiny #NoMore TPLF

First sent on November 22, 2021 by Yordanos

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