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I am writing to you today to urge you to intervene on behalf of Majid Sueed Mohamod’s immigration case. Majid Sueed Mohamod and Kirstie Mohamod were married in December 2016. He completed his PhD in Geological Engineering from Missouri University S&T (August 2020). Majid applied for his J1 visa waiver in May of 2017. Majid’s J1 Visa Waiver (I-612) based on an exceptional hardship to a United States citizen must be approved. His home county, Iraq is requesting he return home. Once Majid leave the United States, he will not be permitted re-entry unless he can provide the proper immigration documents from USCIS. The processing time for the J1 Visa Waiver was estimated at 4-6 months, it has been four years and still there has been no progress. His wife Kirstie Mohamod suffers from numerous health conditions and now there five-month-old son, Jasim also is suffering from health conditions. Jasim is being supported by nasogastric feeding and is being evaluated to have a gastric tube surgically placed in the next few weeks. It would create a great hardship on Kirstie Mohamod to take care of Jasim and herself without the support of Majid and due to the severity of the health issues of Kirstie and Jasim living in Iraq is impossible for them. Any assistance you can provide in contacting The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to expedite this process would be greatly appreciated.

First sent on May 26 by For Majid

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