An open letter to the U.S. Senate


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It is absolutely abhorrent that as Congress people you refuse to back a bill that prevents American tax payer money from being used to commit plain in sight genocide and colonialism by the Israeli government committed on the Palestinian people, and CHILDREN no less. Only 18 signers to show support to the most basic of human rights? It disgusts me that my popular vote is what helped to have you clowns elected. But I guess it’s easy for you to turn the other cheek because it’s not YOUR family being brutally beaten and murdered in cold blood. It’s not your children dying in the streets of Gaza and you are not the parents of said children, wondering why it is they haven’t come home for dinner, only to find that you will never see them again. As representatives of the people of this state, it is your DUTY to do just that, represent the interests of the citizens of Ohio, not your own personal, selfish interests. And why our American tax payer money is being used in foreign affairs in the midsts of a pandemic anyway is beyond me. Do the right thing you clowns. Don’t be the reason why more children die. This is still blood on your hands wether you have direct involvement or not. Your silence is an attack. Use your voices and prevent this from continuing. SIGN THAT BILL.

First sent on May 12 by Saad

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