An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Reintroduce HR 4363 (2019) & HR 7358 (2018)

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The United States is the only developed country in the world that has a policy of taxing citizens who live outside its borders, based on outdated laws dating back to the Civil War in the 1800s. Not only are the 9 million Americans outside the United States subject to double taxation by the countries they live in, the taxes they pay are “separate but equal”. Where a resident can deduct their mortgage, some Americans instead have to pay income tax on it. Where a resident receives an expanded child tax credit, a non-resident not only is ineligible, but has to pay special US taxes on any child benefit they receive where they live. Where a resident can freely marry who they wish, a non-resident needs to be very careful to avoid having their spouse’s business and bank accounts closed down. We have been denied bank accounts, the ability to save for retirement, the ability to start a business, and are subject an ever-increasing complexity that forces us to hire expensive tax preparers for even the simplest of tax returns. For ten years, Congress has not only refused to act on bipartisan and non-partisan calls for reform, it has refused to even discuss the issue. We demand that this Congress reintroduce and pass H.R. 4363 - Commission on Americans Living Abroad Act of 2019 and the H.R. 7358 - Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad Act of 2018. End the uniquely American practice of extraterritorial citizenship taxes, and let Americans live freely where they choose.

First sent on May 24 by 9 Million Overseas Americans

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