Resistbot Petition: Support Supplemental COVID-19 Funding to End the Cycle of Sickness
An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Support Supplemental COVID-19 Funding to End the Cycle of Sickness

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The CDC says that over 100 million Americans have been infected with COVID. Over one million have died, and 20% of those infected struggle with long COVID symptoms. Up to four million Americans are out of work right now due to long COVID. The White House is concerned that another 100 million Americans might be infected in the coming fall surge. Please support the White House's urgent request for supplemental COVID-19 funding as part of a short-term continuing resolution to keep the Federal government running, minimize the impact of the coming Fall COVID wave, and enable us to develop the testing, vaccination, and therapeutics capabilities that will ultimately help break the United States out of this endless cycle COVID waves that continue to sicken, disable and kill Americans. This small investment will lead to enormous health benefits for all Americans.

First sent on September 4 by John

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