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Sikhs will protest on Indian Prime Minister Modi trip to America.

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Dear Mr.President Sikh Community of America humbly request you to not meet Indian Prime Minister Modi while he comes to the U.S The reason behind it is very simple that we as American citizens don’t want our President to Meet some who have been involved in committing crimes against humanity. World Sikh Parliament the body that represents Sikhs worldwide understands that current U.S foreign policies for time being are in favor of India due to various international political factors but we should not forget that India has a long track record of been Human rights abuser and the Indian Govt. was responsible for 1984 Sikh Genocide. Many U.S representatives have recently highlighted human rights violations Prime Minister Modi Government committed on Farmers of Punjab and India while they are peacefully protesting against new farm laws that were passed without consent or input of farmers. Just in case your meeting with Prime Minister Modi is unavoidable we humbly and strongly urge you to raise the issue of Farmers protest and recommend India to behave like a democracy instead of a dictatorship. We also urge you to make a strong signal on how Human rights violations can result in sanctions from U.S Govt. no matter which country it is and no matter how badly we need someone’s support in South Asia as a partner. Sikh Nation is the emerging power of South Asia and America is already World’s Superpower and we citizens of these great nations don’t want you to give up our values for any fake Democratic country like India. We hope you will not ignore our request.

First sent on September 13 by “World Sikh Parliament”

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