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I am writing to request that you sponsor legislation to mandate state-wide ventilation upgrades to combat COVID-19.  The science is clear: we can prevent COVID-19 infections through inexpensive ventilation and air filtration upgrades in indoor spaces.   Every COVID-19 death or Long Covid case caused by substandard ventilation and air filtration is a preventable tragedy, and such tragedies occur thousands of times per day. By modernizing air quality regulations and investing in cleaner indoor air, we will save countless lives. Just as the United States overhauled its water and sanitation systems in the late 19th century to combat water-borne diseases such as cholera, we must now modernize our air quality regulations and invest in cleaner indoor air to combat COVID-19, an airborne virus. America’s top scientists who study coronavirus transmission, including members of the World Health Network’s COVID Action Group (, have recommended requirements for indoor air management ( First, we must invest in improved ventilation systems, high-end air filters, carbon dioxide monitors, and portable HEPA air cleaners. Second, we must modernize regulations related to indoor air quality and hold operators of public indoor spaces accountable for implementing these regulations.  I urge you to sponsor legislation that will achieve the following: Lead by Example: Require all indoor spaces operated by our state to immediately implement the COVID Action Group’s proposed ventilation and air cleaning requirements. Modernize Regulation: Direct state regulators to establish a timeline to make the COVID Action Group ventilation recommendations mandatory in all public indoor spaces. Invest in Cleaner Air: Appropriate funds that state government institutions, businesses, and non-governmental institutions can use to implement ventilation, air cleaning, and air monitoring upgrades. Thank you for your consideration of this issue, and I look forward to your reply. Please contact if you would like to speak with COVID Action Group scientists regarding next steps on enacting these recommendations.

First sent on September 9 by Concerned Citizens

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