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Please stop Haitian deportations

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In this time of serious political instability and environmental crisis for Haiti, it is beyond inhumane to deport Haitian asylees. It poses no great burden upon the resources of the US government to assist those who despite the Herculean nature of the task, have managed to flee to safer shores Accepting refugees from storm-tossed lands used to be what this nation prided themselves upon. But perhaps Emma Lazarus’ words were only intended for those who could “melt” into whiteness, not for the victors of the world’s most successful slave revolt. This country has punished Haitians for their success since the days of Thomas Jefferson. We have supported violent repression, delayed or denied aid, and moved to prevent Haitians from earning a decent wage in their own land. Welcoming Haitian refugees is not simply the American thing to do. It’s not simply the humane thing to do. It’s the just thing to do. Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.

First sent on September 18 by Nakia

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