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Greetings. I am a voting constituent in rural west Texas. The world has become both more tragic and more silly at the same time. I don’t know why I bother to even comment. It’s just the same frustration, different day. Although I am losing interest in whining about Mr. Trump. It’s becoming increasingly obvious to we sane people that he is during the job of dooming his re-election without any help from me. Fortunately he excels at self-destruction. He may be good at reading a crowd , but he’s picked the wrong crowd to read. So there’s that bright note. Have you noticed that our country is done with divisiveness? With hate? With BS? We want a new way. Not a way that wants to drag us all back to a gilded version of the past, where everyone knew their place and stayed there. And fear of the ‘other’ ruled. Those backward folk can stay where they exist best...on FB and other sweaty realms of the fever swamp. Back under the rocks with you. Talk about staying in your place. Please do. The rest of us are moving upward, onward, and forward. We are on the RIGHT side of history. And it feels good. And to the tottering old geezer in the WH (he started it), we say go back to your golden tower to shake your fist cause you don’t have a clue what America really is. “It’s like somehow his cable that comes into the White House is set in 1962, he’s so far behind,” [Rick] Reilly added. “This is a watershed moment and he’s lost. It’s like your grandpa who thinks Joe DiMaggio is still playing.” Loser, losing, definitely lost.

First sent on June 15, 2020 by Debbie

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