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Greetings. I am a voting constituent in rural west Texas. Amidst the endless, ceaseless RNC hammering on the imminent destruction of America by Democratic anarchists if Joe Biden wins in November, we might do better to look to the Trump administration to see what actual real-time anarchy against America looks like. To see what budding and growing authoritarianism looks like. To see what Party capitulation looks like. Mr. Trump is using all the power and trappings of the office of the presidency for his re-election campaign. The WH, the Rose Garden, the Secretary of State, his power of the pardon, military personnel and on and on and on. Using all the tawdry tricks, all the cheap theatrics which solely constitute his ability to lead. And we the people are footing the bill for it all. Where are the checks and balances on this abuse of power? Will this become the new normal for the next president as well? Or is Mr. Trump allowed to get by with breaking our systems because the GOP is made up of cowards not worthy to hold the offices they were elected to? It’s hard to get the genie back in the bottle once it’s let loose. So I hope you’re ready when a Democratic President comes along who decides ‘Why the hell not? The GOP is fine with it. They totally understand and condone party over country.’ Your example of governance is a joke. Maintaining power seems to be the only goal. Where are your plans for anything? Where is your legislation for anything? You won’t negotiate in any meaningful way for the good of the country. Then you fall back on blaming the Democrats for your own failure to do the work or to give a damn. I’m hopping mad this am. How much more of this Republican and presidential travesty are we expected to put up with? Anything goes for the Trump administration. And you and yours are more than happy to have him do as he wishes. He owns you. And it shows. But he does not own the American people. And we want him out of Our House.

First sent on August 26, 2020 by Debbie

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