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90 Day COVID19 Moratorium

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As you know, there is a current pandemic sweeping our nation. Action must be taken sooner rather than later to ensure your constituents are not facing the brunt of financial responsibility for this crisis. Any delay will negatively impact the American economy for years to come. Our government has had information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) as early as December 2019- hence the name. Very little was done to prepare the American public for the inevitable crisis. As we sit with the highest number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in the world, we can't change past actions but we can move forward more informed and, with public health in mind. I am writing as your constituent to request a 90-day moratorium for payment of the following: mortgage, rent, utilities, prescriptions, and student debt. It is immoral to cancel mortgages, but force those unable to continue working to pay rent. Removing the financial burden for your constituents for 90 days would ensure they had less reasons to leave their homes, drastically improving public health. The 90-day moratorium would also help front line workers and their families who need relief while they are risking their lives to protect us. It is not enough to delay evictions or defaulting on loans- for the most vulnerable in our community, that only delays the inevitable. There should be no accruing debt during this time, payment should be suspended and forgiven in full for April through June 2020. Nearly 70% of Americans do not have savings over a $1000. If banks and massive corporations can be bailed out just a few weeks in, how can we not bail out the people for months? A record breaking 6.6 million unemployment claims have been filed since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak. We are reaching record breaking numbers and by the end of this pandemic millions of Americans will be left jobless, houseless, and in crippling debt if something is not done to help them. I am already seeing these effects in my own community. It is crucial that this happens before the floor recess in April. Rent, mortgage, utilities, prescriptions, and student debt are not what anyone should be worried about during a global health crisis where loved ones are dying by the thousands. Your constituents should be able to focus on the health and well being of their loved ones, as should you. Thank you for your time and attention on this very pressing matter. Below are citations available for your reading on these matters. Record 911 calls since 9/11- - Record 6.6 million unemployment claims - Nearly 70% of Americans don't have savings -

First sent on April 8, 2020 by Nae

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