An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures

Black Lives Matter

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The last few days we have seen unspeakable horrors committed against citizens of Virginia and all the other states making up this nation. We have watched our police officer, who we are supposed to trust, turn to for protection, and respect, tear gas our citizens, beat our citizens, murder our citizens. They are defending a murder by cop of an unarmed Black man for the alleged crime of writing a bad check. Murder. Over a check. I hope you have let that sink in. I hope your hearts and minds are heavy with that thought. Mine is. I'm asking today that you enact reasonable strategies to make sure this doesnt happen in Virginia. I'm asking that you value our minority brothers and sisters and help protect them. Require body cams. Do not allow them to be disabled or inactivated. Save the footage for 90 days and indefinitely in cold storage. Require police officers or other state law enforcement be free of all domestic violence or other violence charges or convictions. Stop protecting your own when they hurt their spouses, their children. If they'll hurt the people they love, why would they protect the people we love? That our neighbors love? Stop arming our police with military weapons. Tear gas is banned in warfare. Why is it permitted against your own citizens? And finally, if an officer does murder someone - they should not be immune from prosecution for that murder and should be prosecuted fully. Please protect us - all of us - finally. We are begging you. Hear us.

First sent on June 2, 2020 by Stephanie

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