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BLM Justice for Elijah McClain

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Ok Clear Dear Governor Polis, I have been an outspoken supporter of your candidacy and role as Colorado's governor - I cast my vote in support of you in 2018, and have welcomed the many wonderful changes you have implemented around our great state. What I cannot understand is your silence on the issue of Elijah McClain, the innocent Black man cornered and MURDERED by Aurora Police officers in August of 2019. How can it be that those responsible for such brutality within our law enforcement remain free after taking an unarmed Black man's life so violently? How can we feel safe knowing that they still hold positions of power within our community? I am asking, as one of your constituents and supporters, that if you are a true ally of Black Lives Matter, that you join us in calling for JUSTICE for Elijah McClain, one of the local Black lives stolen by our state's STILL unchecked police brutality. Officers Nathan Woodyard, John Rosenblott, Randy Roedema, Matthew Green, Sgt. Dale Leonard, L.t. Peter Chichuiec of the Aurora Police department as well as Medic Jeremy Cooper of Aurora Fire and Rescue; have ALL been implicated. Implicated in the forcible chokehold used on Elijah. With the reckless, unsupervised administration of KETAMINE, injected into the frail, anemic, 140 lb body of Elijah as he gasped for air, begging for his life -- So much like George Floyd, yet without the viral video footage. Because of these officers' violent disregard for his pleas, despite being unarmed and committing NO crime, Elijah's heart struggled and finally failed - ultimately succombing to his injuries and an overdose of what should be an OUTLAWED drug. The law enforcement responsible for perpetrating such a heinous act against such a beautiful, innocent member of our community, was difficult enough for us to understand, but allowing these men to walk free - to continue to "patrol" our streets as if we should feel safe? Unthinkable. Allowing these individuals to continue to serve in our communities without so much as a reprimand for KILLING AN INNOCENT BLACK MAN for nothing more than 'walking while Black' - speaks volumes about our state's leadership and stance on implementing REAL and necessary change within the very systems responsible for perpetuating the treatment of People of Color as "less than" in the eyes of every one of our country's institutions. Even the incident in Boulder with the young college student picking up trash outside of his apartment received greater backlash than this case of Elijah McClain. Does our zero tolerance policy for racial inequality only matter when the cameras are on us? When the cases garner nation-wide media coverage and outrage? Please demonstrate that this is not the case; show Coloradans calling for accountability that you are willing to stand with and FOR (( every )) one of us, Governor Polis. Truly,

First sent on June 23, 2020 by Justice For Elijah McClain

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