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Accountability Measures for Tigray

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Since my last communication on Tigray, the situation has worsened. I am grateful for the concern and bi-partisan resolution introduced. I hope and pray that the Tigray crisis will be a blue-print for how to address gross human rights violations and the United States will, as always, take the lead in the protection of vulnerable minorities as well as ensuring that a region that is vital to international peace and security is not destabilized by continued conflict. As you have seen, several additional evidences of crimes against humanity being committed on Tigray has come out, the World Peace Foundation has reported the food insecurity at an emergency stage and Crisis Group warns of regional instability unless the war is stopped as soon as possible. A glimpse to what is being committed in Tigray has set fears that Tigray will be digging up mass graves for decades! In this context, I am very concerned that some of the statements in the resolution are not commensurate with the degree of grave violations to human rights and International Humanitarian Laws being committed against ethnic Tigrayans. Specifically, I would like to request the following: I urge you to strengthen S. Res. 97 (7B) to include by name “Global Magnitsky authorities and other sanctions” as proposed by the Honourables Congressman Gregory W. Meeks and Congressman Michael T. McCaul in their letter sent to His Excellency Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on 30 March 2021. I urge you to introduce a preamble in S. Res. 97 acknowledging the crime of starvation in Tigray by Ethiopia National Defence Forces, Eritrean Defence Forces and Amhara regional forces, through widespread and systematic pillaging, burning of crops, land/homesteads, destruction of place of employment, health facilities, acknowledged by United Nations, Oxfam, well reputed journalists and documented by famine researchers; I ask that S. Res. 97 acknowledges the deliberate and systematic destruction, vandalization and looting of health facilities by Ethiopia National Defence Forces and Eritrean Defence Forces I respectfully request that the statement on the context around the initiation of the armed conflict be revised. Specifically, this can be addressed by reintroducing part of a previously deleted preamble (vS.Res.798: Whereas the Tigray People’s Liberation Front claims it acted in self-defense); I urge that a preamble be introduced, recognising acts of ethnic cleansing committed in Western Tigray, as acknowledged by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and many other partners on the ground. The lack of similar acknowledgment from the Ethiopian government suggests a lack of good faith in terms of delivering justice and promoting reconciliation regardless of the international commitment the government has made. If necessary, I can provide justification and proof for why these requests are urgent and critical. Hope to hear from you soon.

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