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I was dismayed to receive your email this morning in which you claim to be working for all North Carolinians. The compromise bill that the ten of you put forward is quite frankly grossly inadequate to the needs of people in North Carolina and nationwide and your should be ashamed for nickel and diming the people crying out for help while billionaires grow richer. Raise their taxes and help Americans struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads during circumstances last seen 100 years ago. Alternatively you can cut the obscenely bloated military budget, since you claim to be pro-life, and divert that money from the mission of death to helping families thrive. And speaking of being "pro-life", abortion is health care and must be available on demand, without restriction, and without apology. Those of you attempting to take us back to the 19th century are a tiny, regressive minority and need to join the rest of the nation here in the 21st century, where we don't want the government to get between patients and doctors. Oh, but when it comes to states and cities making their own policies around immigration, suddenly you're not so 19th century after all! We wouldn't need sanctuary cities if we had more humane and progressive immigration policy. Your racist dogwhistles about criminals and refusal to even refer to immigrants as human beings have been noted, senator. As has your allegiance to far-right policies that hurt people. Do the good and Christian thing and turn from your worship of money and doing evil to strangers. Don't make baby Jesus cry.

First sent on February 4 by Shepherd

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