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Vote to convict President Trump

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There must be accountability! I appreciate Senator Portman’s admission that President Trump bears some responsibility for what happened on January 6, the violence at the Capitol, but I believe that the president bears more than “some” responsibility. However, we are still waiting for Sen. Portman’s statement to the people of Ohio and our nation acknowledging that the 2020 election was not fraudulent. The election has been scrutinized, tried in the courts and found to have no significant fraud. There has never been any evidence presented to say otherwise. Just because someone says something doesn’t make it true. When asked about his view on the President’s impeachment for inciting an insurrection and failing to uphold his oath to the Constitution, the Senator pledged to vote for what “is in the best interest of healing for our Country.” Let’s be clear about the consequences of words. They matter. Words coming from the President of the United States matter. Words coming from a Senator of the United States matter. President Trump’s words and actions gave license to his supporters to do whatever was necessary to prevent President-Elect Joe Biden from taking power. Our elections are the most important piece of our republic. If leaders continue to sow doubt about fairly-held elections, our democracy is on very thin ice. The only way to help our nation heal is to bravely acknowledge, publicly, the lies that continue to be spoken by our elected officials. President Trump should never be allowed to hold public office in this great nation again. You have a moral obligation to uphold your oath to the Constitution and vote to convict President Trump of insurrection. Sincerely, • Registered Voter Akron, Ohio • Registered Voter Sharon Center, Ohio • Registered Voter Cleveland, Ohio • Registered Voter Akron, Ohio • Registered Voter (previously from Sharon Center, Ohio) Denver, Colorado “The best way we can show respect for the voters that are upset is by telling them the truth.” – Mitt Romney, January 6, 2021. • Registered Voter Sharon Center, Ohio “Voters deserve to hear the truth from their elected officials. It is never too late to do the right thing.” • Registered Voter, Akron Ohio – “This is not the time to vote with your party. Crimes against our democracy have been committed by President Trump and holding him accountable is imperative for our country to heal from his divisive leadership.”

First sent on January 26 by Sally

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