An open letter to the U.S. Congress

On the Appearance of Bipartisanship

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Bipartisanship Can you please stop trying to appease Republicans for the sake of the appearance of bipartisanship among politicians? The People, your Constituents are united in the following: 1- There must be a January 6 Investigation Commission, not despite the Republicans lacknof desire to even discuss it, but precisely because of it. Changes had already been made to accommodate their concerns, and yet the bill was killed anyways. Multiple investigations were made into Benghazi. The World Trade Center attack was investigated. If attacks on a US Embassy and a financial tower are worthy of investigation, does an attack on Congress to stop its duty deserve any less? The People don't think so. 2- You must pass the infrastructure bill AS ORIGINALLY PROPOSED. Not the watered down version put forth to appease Republicans, and definitely not the bad faith counteroffer from the Republican Party. As with the January 6th Investigation Commission, Republican politicians will not vote for any of it, no matter how much you change it to appease them. 3- You must kill the filibuster. Politicians have used again and again to the detriment of the People. It delayed the abolition of slavery, Civil Rights, now the January 6th Investigation, and will probably used to kill the Infrastructure Bill. The People are united. That's all the bipartisanship that is needed. Trying to achieve the appearance of bipartisanship among a few politicians will result in either watered down, useless legislation, or none at all. Some of the most beneficial legislation has been passed without politican bipartisanship: the Affordable Care Act, Social Security among many. They continue to benefit the People. You were elected to lead change from the last four years of Republican self-serving governance. To pass legislation that will benefit the People. You promised you would. Go lead, alone if you have to. Don't let a couple dozen Senators thwart the Will of the People. Get to it.

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