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So today the Senate will hear from witnesses. I'm wondering if either of my Senators will be in the chamber to hear those witnesses though. Since, as jurors, you have exhibited behavior unbecoming of a juror.... (leaving the chamber for hours, feet on furniture, meeting with ONE side.....the defendant side only.....etc) I do not have any confidence I my government. And that is YOUR fault. Honestly, watching this trial I can see the following: 1. One side is extremely prepared and built an excellent case. 2. Another side is ill-prepared and not even taking this seriously. (Is it because they already know how you will vote. 3. Impeachment trials are NOTHING like civil and criminal trials. Because the jurors don't take it seriously. And make deals behind closed doors. 4. Impeachment trials should have blind voting, so that cowardly Senators can vote what the facts prove, not politically. 5. Our government is broken. 6. Failure to act to convict means our Capitol will be overrun again....probably sooner than later. 7. My Missouri Senators have both let me (and our country) down. It is depressing. But has me motivated to replace you both. 8. I worry for our country. There really ARE people who are not held to the law. 9. The WORLD is laughing at us, and our standing is diminished, probably forever. This is the beginning of our "end". And no one will like what our Republic is replaced with. 10. The only reasonable answer is to CONVICT. I serious doubt either of me Senators are reasonable, however. Convict. Convict. CONVICT!!

First sent on February 13 by Peggy

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