An open letter to the U.S. Congress

We need a $2,000/month Pandemic UBI.

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We need a $2,000/month Pandemic UBI. Now that Joe Biden has been elected president and the Democrats are in the majority of Congress, the Senate, and the executive branches, we need to repair the economic damage that the COVID-19 Pandemic has done to our country. I believe that our government should follow in the footsteps of other successful, thriving, countries and provide our middle and lower class citizens with a temporary Pandemic Universal Basic Income of $2,000/month, per person, including children 17 years old and under, and adult dependents like disabled family members or college and high school students that are still dependent on their parents, but are 18 years old and up; these $2,000/month checks should be backdated to March 1, 2020, and should not interfere with necessary programs like Social Security and Social Security and Disability payments. Millions of citizens are going without basic needs and getting unfairly evicted because they lost jobs during the quarantine period of the Pandemic. On top of it, Millions of small businesses, my own included, had to shut their doors because they did not receive emergency small business assistance. Either because they did not make enough money in 2019 to qualify for Emergency Small Business Assistance (my business), or because larger more successful businesses, stole the money from underneath them with no consequences from the US Government. It’s time for our Government to take care of its middle- and lower-class citizens, not its rich and wealthy ones. Our wealthy citizens have had plenty of Government-sponsored Welfare. When poor people are given more money, they spend that money and stimulate the economy; when they can afford their basic necessities like food, shelter, and utilities. When rich people are given more money, they horde it in offshore bank accounts and take it out of circulation. No one asks how we manage to find the money to give rich people more Welfare. It’s time we treated our middle- and lower-class citizens the same way. A one-time payment of any amount is not going to help stimulate the economy enough for economic recovery. But if we take this opportunity to test out a Universal Basic Income, we can help our citizens who need it most, stimulate the economy, and observe how a UBI affects our economy. So, let’s take advantage of the remainder of this Pandemic and give our citizens a monthly stimulus check of $2,000/month, per person, including children 17 and under, and adult dependents such as college and high school students ages 18 and over. Back date it to March 1, 2020, and set it to expire on December 31, 2021. Begin analyzing the results of the UBI at the beginning of December, and observe how the economy was affected throughout the year. If the economy didn’t boom under the stimulus, then feel free to let it expire, but if the economy did boom, consider making the UBI permanent. You’ll be amazed at how the country improves just by investing in your poor citizens.

First sent on January 19 by NightShade, Image Consulting

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