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CONGRESS. ALL SENATORS We are writing to ask you to Vote NO on the well-intentioned but flawed ‘Equality’ Bill. There is a great deal of confusion caused around the World by equating sex with gender or ‘gender identity’. They are NOT the same❗️ SEX=SCIENCE=BIOLOGY=DNA 🧬. It is UNCHANGEABLE ❗️ gender is infinitely changeable, societally-approved stereotypes of behavior, work and dress assigned to EACH SEX eg. When I was in high school I was not allowed to wear slacks to school. The year after I graduated, girls were allowed to wear slacks, but not *jeans*. That was a changed gender norm. Sexes remained the same. Women are 50% of the population. Transvestites MAY be 0.1%. It is utterly wrong to remove protection from half of the population. The phrase, “They just want to pee” is frequently used as a valid reason to allow male-bodied people into intimate female spaces. Unfortunately, the fact is, there are websites that list the crimes that are committed against girls and women in restrooms that have been opened to males. Multiple studies show that transvestites or cross-dressers, if you prefer, commit crimes at the same rate as non-cross-dressing males. Both of those groups commit crimes at a higher rate than women do and women are frequently their victims. Males dressed as women are understandably afraid to go into male restrooms. Male violence is an enormous problem in our society. What is so sad is that cross-dressing males seem unable to fathom the fact that women have the same fear of male-bodied violence as they do. This is especially relevant since upwards of 90% of cross-dressers still have intact genitals. In a group of 71 male felons who had raped, tortured or murdered a woman, 51% of them decided that they ‘felt like women’ and asked to be transferred to a women’s prison. This has led to women being raped by their cellmates. This is unconscionable - women prisoners are there to pay for their crimes, not to be preyed upon. Currently this is happening in Britain, Scotland, and Australia as well as in the US. One of the sites that lists crimes committed against women by cross-dressing males is, “They Say This Never Happens”. It is maintained by volunteers who scour media for reports of such crimes, which are increasingly being published as being committed by ‘women’. Unscrupulous surgeons are just beginning to reap some of the expected enormous profits. Youth who do not decide to return to dressing and living as their birth sex, as many do, after the turmoil of the teen years are over, will be on hormones for the rest of their lives. This is an extremely profitable windfall for drug companies. We urge you to Vote NO on the ‘Equality’ Bill, thus protecting the Human Rights of half the population. The Womens Liberation Front has a well-written Bill preserving the Human Rights of girls and women, while also protecting lesbians and gays. Please, Vote NO on the ‘Equality’ Bill. It Is NOT

First sent on March 19 by WOMENS RIGHTS TO SAFETY

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