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Regarding Bill HB972

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Regarding bill HB972. I would ask you to loudly and actively oppose bill HB972. The idea that trans children, teens, and even college-age students must either play on a co-ed team, or else be subjected to a confirmation of what genitals they have should they not “appear” to be the gender they identify as, is extremely troubling. It opens the door for CSA cases where it would be much harder to protect the victims. The idea of a teacher being allowed to check a child’s genitalia is much more disturbing to me than a possibility of a child playing on a team with a trans or intersex child. Studies have also shown that trans children who are allowed to transition and partake in gender-affirming activities (for example, playing on a sports team that matches their gender identity) greatly decrease chances for depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and self-harm than if they are forced to conform to the gender that “matches” their sex. Further, this bill would put plenty of cisgender students as risk as well - if a girl has masculine features, short hair, or masculine dress, she can be flagged as “possibly not a girl” and subjected to a genital confirmation if she wants to play on the girls team. The same can be said for a boy with feminine features, long hair, or feminine dress. Again, I ask you to loudly and actively oppose this bill, as it puts students of all ages and all walks of life at risk. Trans rights are human rights, and I will be watching this bill, and others like it in the state of PA, very closely. Come November, I will take the outcome of this bill into very careful consideration when casting my ballot.

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