An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Resolution for Punjab’s Farmers

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I am concerned about human rights violations by the Indian gov towards Farmers who are peacefully protesting new farm bills. These farm bills can only be described as a death sentence to Farmers and were passed by India, world's largest democracy without any democratic vote or voice from farmers. Narendra Modi, prime minister of India, is notorious for violence against minorities and was banned from U.S from 2005-2014 for human rights violations. India has ordered police to harass, torture, arrest protesting farmers and their families. They have installed internet jammers to ensure a media blackout. There is legitimate concern that they will open fire on millions of peacefully protesting farmers. Farmers have packed 6 months worth of food and as they eat themselves, they're also providing free food and water to homeless while picking up trash, sweeping the streets. Delhi had its coldest recorded day in 70 years and freezing water cannons are being shot. Farmers, many aged 60-80 years, are already sleeping outside in the cold and have died. Farmers are braving trenches, barricades, tear gas, water cannons, and violent beatings to march thousands of miles on foot, bicycles, and tractors to Delhi and peacefully protest these farm bills. Majority of farmers are Punjabi Sikh minority in the predominantly Hindu country and historically faced religious persecution, torture, and mass genocide sanctioned by the Indian gov in the 1980s and 90s. Led by Punjabi Sikh Farmers, 250 million workers, farmers, allies are supporting this peaceful protest, making this the largest protest in human history. But India has started labeling Sikh farmers as anti-nationalists and terrorists to justify their violence. All across America, Sikhs are protesting in front of Indian Consulates. Officials from UK, Canada, including Justin Trudeau, have spoken and shown solidarity. Being an advocate of US Constitution, we believe you must speak. I am concerned because majority of protestors are elderly, overworked farmers vulnerable to COVID, yet are left protesting unjust bills that were passed during a pandemic. These laws are a death sentence to farmers. Kaushik Basu, prof. at Cornell University and former Chief Economist of the World Bank tweeted 'I've now studied India's new farm bills and realize they are flawed and will be detrimental to farmers. The new laws will end up serving corporate interests more than farmers. Hats off to the sensibility & moral strength of India's farmers.' India says they have no intention of revoking these bills and are getting increasingly more violent with protestors. We, the people of your constituency, urge you to highlight this issue. You must show commitment to democratic values and speak up against Modi's behavior. US being an ally to India, who claims itself to be a democratic country, has a moral obligation to correct India. We urge you to contact United Nations to ensure that people of Punjab and all other farmers are safe.

First sent on December 15, 2020 by Sikhs in America

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