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Greetings. I am a voting constituent in rural west Texas. Cold dreary day in my part of Texas. But rain at least. And dreary certainly suits the mood leading up to November 3. Another busy period for y’all in the pursuit of destroying our democracy. You succeeded in ramming through the polar opposite of RBG to a lifetime on SCOTUS. Nobody could miss the irony of this woman rising to her position thanks in large part to RBG, but with the implied, and even voiced, opposition to certain women’s rights held dear by the majority of Americans, men and women alike. But yet there’s a strong sense of Judge Barrett being used as just another pawn to cement your unrightful claim to power. You expect she will vote to overturn the ACA. You expect she will vote to overturn Roe v Wade. You expect she would vote on your side in the event of a contested election. You gave her a quid pro quo. We can only hope she has more moral character than you might give her credit for. Or at least a view of the law that will prove you wrong. And who approved the classless tweet sent out by the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee as soon as the vote went through? “Amy Coney Barrett, confirmed. Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton!” Welcome to the new and improved GOP. But perhaps even worse, the President shooting a political ad with the new Justice. He’s succeeding in negating the independence of our highest court. Think the majority of the country will trust in such a lopsided, politicized body going forward? Your desperate actions have delegitimized both the Senate and the Supreme Court. You. You did this. Lastly, at least there is the hopeful news that the DOJ has been shot down in their attempt to defend Mr. Trump in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit. It was judged he was NOT acting within the scope of his office as President of the United States when he disputed Carroll’s allegations. Good to know that someone thinks that slandering a victim of possible sexual assault by the possible assailant does not fall within the parameters of presidential duties. Even if she isn’t his ‘type.’

First sent on October 27, 2020 by Debbie

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