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Greetings. I am a voting constituent in rural west Texas. We’re all in limbo waiting for Tuesday’s election. Trying to read the tea leaves. In the meantime I’d like to give an object lesson for one of the multitude of reasons why the American people will reject the Trump administration. Fauci vs Trump. Our President has abdicated leadership responsibility for handling of the coronavirus pandemic. There is no other way to see it. Dr. Fauci has been admirable in his restraint in trying to support and work within the administration, all while trying to give the American people advice to get through their days. We trust him. More than anyone else. Recently he has had enough. And he is doing what any civil servant should do when trying to do the job he was hired to do, while at the same time being thwarted time and time again by politics. He is speaking out. Because he cares. And because our lives depend on it. In an interview with the WP, speaking of Scott Atlas, Mr. Trump’s current Covid whisperer... "I have real problems with that guy," the Washington Post quoted Fauci as saying about Atlas. "He's a smart guy who's talking about things that I believe he doesn't have any real insight or knowledge or experience in. He keeps talking about things that when you dissect it out and parse it out, it doesn't make any sense." Objective, rational critique of what he views as bad advice being given to the president. And what does he get in return from Mr. Atlas? Oh yeah? Well you throw like a girl. He mocked Fauci for the ceremonial first pitch that he threw at the opening game of the Washington Nationals. This, this is the problem. The knee-jerk reaction to counter ANY cogent critique with an insult. There doesn’t seem to be an ability to speak rationally about the issues. To prove the point, the administration then starts throwing down on Dr. Fauci for being ‘political’ three days before the election, when they were the ones who drew him into this argument by dishonestly using him in a political ad. They don’t practice politics. Politics implies a certain level of strategic skill. They have none. Only school-yard taunting, name calling, and constant whining about perceived slights. What a bunch of inept snowflakes you’ve aligned yourselves with. It’s time you all melted for good.

First sent on November 1, 2020 by Debbie

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