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Lowell PD reform

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This letter calls for the removal of Superintendent Kelly Richardson and Captain LeBlanc from the Lowell Police Department. Furthermore we demand a federal criminal enforcement is pursued by the Department of Justice "Under color of law" for officer David Pedner, for his physical assault on a minor, punching a man at a traffic stop, charges of domestic assault and battery and Kevin Garnaeu for his sexual assault on a minor. We also demand Federal Civil Enforcement from the Department of Justice under the “Police Misconduct Provision" Law, as the continued lack of accountability, nepotism, corruption and police brutality of the LPD pose imminent threat to the city of Lowell. Superintendent Kelly dismisses misconduct. It is evident that LPD has failed to address their inappropriate policing. Officers continue to fail to uphold their civic duties and serve without impunity. It is time for the Lowell PD to not hire and employ officers like Stephen Ciavola who came to the force with offenses and cost Lowell tax payers $785,000 in a police brutality lawsuit. Many of the following officers have been promoted, all have been involved in cases of police misconduct and remain on the force. Ciavola has been suspended twice; cost the city $785,000 Their salaries are listed. In Dec. 2013 Lt. Charles Pappaconstanou, $114,429 and two other officers were named and found guilty in a lawsuit after they attacked 24 year old DeVanté Degree, put in a chokehold and maced him. Lieutenant Charles was involved in the negligence that led to the death of Alyssa Brame. Lt. James Fay- $126,624 falsified police reports, made contradictory statements under oath. Fay’s negligence led to the death of 31 year old Alyssa Brame.Kevin Garneau $72,148 While on a “homeless task force”, he raped a 16 year old girl falsely claiming she had warrants. He was alleged to have raped her several more times in the months after the initial assault. Sergeant Dawn Beauchesne $113,755 - Beuchesne falsified police reports, witnessed civilian detention attendant Paul Hadley punching a detainee in the head. LPD does not serve and protect the citizens of Lowell. LPD is a financial burden to the city of Lowell. DOJ audits found that LPD submitted inaccurate data for grant application. LPD also was found guilty of overcharging a grant $19,094 in fringe benefits. LPD has failed to appropriately handle mental health calls as seen in the case of 19 year old Andrew Clancy was shot by Captain LeBlanc and. Jose Perez was shot eight times. The citizens of Lowell are only requesting what is deserved and just under the law. We demand a police force that acts with integrity and serves the public. We demand those who have to be continuously corrupt be removed from the force and an investigation be conducted by the Department of Justice in order to rebuild the relationship between the LPD and the citizens of Lowell. Look forward to your prompt action and response in this matter.

First sent on March 27 by Lowell and greater community

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