An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Expel the members of the sedition caucus

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The insurrection of 06-Jan-2021 was aided and abetted by the seditious behavior of Republican representatives and senators, including Wisconsin's own Sen. Johnson. Together they amplified the President's lies about the November election and tried to overturn the results of that election. They defied the will of the voters and sought to use their own political power to instigate a coup. When they could not get enough of their fellows to join them in their sedition, they grandstanded and lied for the cameras, fanning the flames of right-wing hysteria. The resulting violence can be laid at their feet, as surely as at Trump's. Federal law makes it a felony to engage in seditious conspiracy. Those who commit this crime are barred from holding elected office forever. By plotting to overturn the legitimate results of the election and substitute their own will for the will of the voters, Sen. Johnson and the other members of the Republican sedition caucus are guilty of this crime. They have committed it in broad daylight, and their culpability is without question. Congress must act immediately to expel the seditionists from its membership. A two-thirds vote by the members of their respective chamber is all that is required. This has been done before, when the Union expelled the treasonous representatives of the Confederate states. It must be done again now. If Sen. Johnson wants to avoid this fate, he should resign immediately and retire from public life. The stain of sedition will follow him into the history books. I urge all the loyal patriots remaining in Congress to do their constitutional duty, and expel the conspirators immediately. Let the world see that the rule of law still stands in America.

First sent on January 7 by Christopher

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