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Greetings. I am a voting constituent in rural west Texas. Final sprint to the end. Or a new beginning depending on your particular view of reality. Either way, 4 days till the people speak. I, like many, sit and contemplate a new beginning in another country if things go awry. But no one will have us because of our Covid failure. Who can blame them. America. Land of possibility and power failed in protecting its country and people. Who would want such failure in their own country. SD positivity rates at 46%. Which means out of their population of 884,000, 406,640 will test positive for coronavirus. And the response from their Republican Governor? “We feel pretty good about where we’re at,” Ms. Seidel (senior advisor to Kristi Noem) said. “The governor is not going to change any of her approach—why should she?” The U.S. set a new record for cases this week. 500,000. With the largest increases in the upper Midwest and Texas. Texas is now rated as ‘uncontrolled spread.’ So instead of mandating measures that are known to curb the spread, we are told that “Showing respect and understanding” for people who choose not to follow health guidelines is the right thing to do. Which seems to be the final Republican strategy. To bend not the virus to his will, but the American people, by Mr. Trump’s denial, mocking, lying about all things Covid. If he can’t wish the virus away, he will brainwash us into believing it’s all overblown, scientists are hysterical, doctors are just in it for the money, cases are going down, deaths are virtually non-existent, life is getting back to normal. With a chicken in every pot. But that presidential dereliction, combined with Republican dirty tricks, voter intimidation, legal wrangling to squash vote counts, all the arsenal of shameless cheating that constitutes your version of winning, will not work. Not this time. “To look on, inert, as Americans suffer and die is one thing; to deny that it is happening is another.” To quote AOC in reference to one of your own...”I’ve seen a lot of spinelessness in DC but you’re at the top when it comes to folding on your own values like a wet napkin.” That one works for all of you and yours right now. You failed your state. You failed your country.

First sent on October 31, 2020 by Debbie

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