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Misuse of taxpayer money for the RNC

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I recently saw the President of the United States committing crimes right out in the open!  I don't know if you watched the 2nd night of the RNC but during the "show" I saw Trump do the following: - use a naturalization ceremony as a prop - use a pardon as a prop - have the  Secretary of State speak at a political convention from Jerusalem  - have Melania Trump give a campaign speech from the Rose Garden The reason these are not allowed is because our tax dollars pay for government processes not for a campaign to have access to these processes to exploit them for political gain. I didn't choose to donate to Trump but on night 2 of the RNC my tax dollars went to Trump anyway when he used those taxpayer funded processes to present himself in a good light. He used taxpayer money to pardon someone during the RNC so he'd seem sympathetic, he used our money to naturalize new citizens to try to appear not racist, he used our tax dollars to fly Mike Pompeo out to Jerusalem so he could pander to evangelicals with a favorable backdrop and politicize the state department in the process. He used our money to set the stage for Melania to promote his campaign. The point is it is illegal for Trump to pilfer our tax dollars to help his re-election campaign. I know these are minor infractions compared to the other crimes he's commited, but the point isn't the severity, it's the carelessness with which he commits them and the fact that he thinks he's above the law. I've written to you before about his behavior and the fact remains, doing illegal or corrupt things right in the open doesn't make them any less corrupt or illegal. When is someone going to hold the "king" accountable for his actions. Or will we just become a constitutional monarchy in 2021 due to your lack of action?

First sent on August 26, 2020 by Cody

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