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Spearhead Rapid COVID19 at-home LAMP testing kits

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We need our leaders to spearhead rapid COVID19 at-home LAMP testing kits. What is LAMP Testing? A rapid, inexpensive, saliva-based COVID-19 test. * The test is printed on paper strips * Costs ~$1 per test (compared to $50-$150 per current PCR-based test) * Non invasive saliva test * Results in ~10 minutes Why do we need it? LAMP Testing... * Does not need a laboratory to process. * Has near-instant (10 min) results, in your own home. You can be tested daily. * Does not require a car to travel to a testing center. It does not require insurance. * Reduces the need for contact tracing. Will it allow us to get back to "normal"? * Rapid Testing will allow our children and teachers to safely go back to school. * Rapid Testing will allow our businesses to safely resume work. * We can quickly isolate and reduce the virus in the population with daily testing * Dr. Anthony Fauci agrees this type of test is “really what is needed.” (https://youtu .be/a_Vy6fgaBPE?t=700) Why don't we have it now? CDC preferred PCR tests due to accuracy, not turnaround. LAMP is accurate when the host is contagious. A lot of money has gone to creating mass PCR tests. This is NOT the right solution because: * We need to know who is contagious on a daily basis. Not a weekly "maybe WAS contagious" basis. * We need tests to be accessible to everyone. * We need more testing per-day. * More PCR tests for over-worked labs is not the answer. PCR tests are relatively expensive How can I learn more about LAMP Testing? * NY Times opinion by Dr. Mina (https://www.nytimes .com/2020/07/03/opinion/coronavirus-tests.html) * MedCram Coronavirus Update 98 ( .com/watch?v=h7Sv_pS8MgQ) * This Week in Virology Podcast #640 (https://www.microbe .tv/twiv/twiv-640/) @ minutes 22-33 * rapidtest .org

First sent on August 1, 2020 by The People for Rapid Tests

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