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or text resist to 50409

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Text the word resist to 50409 or to Resistbot on iMessage or Telegram and follow the directions. Resistbot will turn your texts into a letter, and deliver it to the elected officials you choose: from your mayor to the President. There are dozens of other keywords for contacting other officials, voting, finding vaccines, and much more.

Resistbot is a free service, but message and data rates may apply if you use the service over SMS. Message frequency varies. Text STOP to 50409 to stop all messages. Text HELP to 50409 for help.

Hi, I’m Resistbot! What would you like to write to Congress?

Congress needs to pass H.R.1 now. It will increase voting access and has strong bipartisan support.

Sounds great! I’ll deliver that to Senators Brown and Portman, and Representative Beatty. 🤖

Resistbot is the smartest technology to emerge from the disaster that was the 2016 election. No one else even comes close.

Debra Cleaver, Founder,

Trusted and Verified

“The Most Genius Thing Of 2017,” has been vetted by dozens of media outlets.

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By the Numbers

Millions of people have used Resistbot to send tens of millions of letters to federal, state, and local officials, and rely on it to protect them from state voter roll purges. Use the check keyword to protect your registration.

Letters Sent
Voter Registrations Protected
Resistbot has an unparalleled and unprecedented power to move thousands upon thousands of people to action—instantly.

Ben Wikler, Chair of Wisc. Democratic Party

Organize to Flood Their Offices

Drive Voter Turnout

We’ve academically tested our voter program on millions of people.

Resistbot’s GOTV program was highly cost-effective and able to generate an impressive number of net voters, surpassing the performance of many other programs in midterm election cycles.Analyst Institute
[Resistbot] increased turnout by 1.8 percentage points in a 2019 electionChristopher B. Mann, Ph.D.
Sample Vote Pledge

And now we’re giving this program to all members. Now you can create your own voter registration and turnout drives for the candidates and races you care about! Get your friends to pledge—like signing a petition—and we’ll text them before election day to verify their registration and tell them how they can vote. Text drive to the bot to create one.

Non-profit. Free to Use. Grassroots Donor Supported.

5,463 so far! Let’s get to 10,000 monthly donors!

Give monthly to skip the “bot on fire” queue forever and all donation asks! You can also get up to three newspaper front pages texted to you each morning, House bills each week, your own custom keyword, a higher daily letter limit, access to the team in our members-only Slack channel, and more! With 10,000 monthly donors, the bot will stay online to support your activism.

coinNew: Earn coins with every donation that you can spend to boost causes you care about!

We accept PayPal, ActBlue, Cash App, crypto and checks too, but can’t award coins or monthly benefits for those methods.

To lobby on your behalf, Resistbot is a 501(c)(4), so donations are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

See your Letter in Your Local Newspaper

We’ve published thousands of members’ letters calling out elected officials in local newspapers in 49 states and D.C. Use the editor keyword to get started.

Yes, your Letters Count

We’re obsessed with delivery, and work with Congressional and state lawmakers’ offices and the C.M.F. to ensure your messages are received and tallied as quickly as possible. Letters to Congress deliver electronically, letters to state and city officials are delivered via web form, email, fax, or postal mail depending on the office.

…when congressional staff were asked what advocacy factors influence an ‘undecided’ lawmaker, 94% said ‘in-person issue visits from constituents’ would have some or a lot of influence and 92% said ‘individualized email messages’ from constituents would. Despite the haranguing of mainstream media to the contrary, and popular culture insisting that citizen voices are muted in Washington… constituents remain significant factors to legislators’ decision-making.Congressional Management Foundation, 2017 Study

Here are a few resisters who’ve gotten letters back or read more frequently asked questions.

Resistbot Responds to Simple Keywords

The bot does the above and much more, here’s a few keywords you can use to contact officials.

ceoContact your state's Chief Election Official (Sec. of State, Lt. Gov. or Election Director)
congressContact your U.S. Senators & U.S. House representative
dncContact the Democratic National Committee
federalContact the President and the U.S. Congress
houseContact your representative in the U.S. House
govContact your Governor
legislatureContact all your state legislators
leoContact your local/county election official
lowerContact your state representative(s) or assemblymember(s)
mayorContact your city or county mayor
officesGet the capitol or local offices for your federal officials
officialsList your officials and their phone numbers
presidentContact the President
senateContact one or both of your U.S. Senators
signUse with a petition code, e.g., SIGN PUCZGE to send that petition to your officials
stateContact your Governor and/or state legislators
upperContact your state senator(s)

See the full list of keywords to see everything the bot can do.


or text resist to 50409

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