User Bill of Rights

As a Resistbot user, you have the right to…

Be treated equally

We are passionate about engaging all citizens equally, regardless of political affiliation. Use Resistbot to pressure your elected representatives, confirm your voter registration information, volunteer, and learn about political issues in your area.

Control what texts you receive

Every type of text we send you can be turned on or off, and often customized, with the alerts keyword. We respect your time and won’t text random donation appeals like every other campaign or advocacy group. You’re in full control.

Request features and feel heard

You can use the feedback keyword to request a feature or email our human volunteers for help with your activism. See everything we can do today with our keyword guide.

A real sense of privacy and security

We care about the privacy of our users and the security of our users’ personal information. As such, we use our Privacy Principles to guide how we approach privacy at Resistbot.

Privacy Principles

We care about you and your privacy. While we are creating new ways for people to connect and be civically engaged, we understand the importance of allowing you to choose how your data is used and shared. To give you confidence in how we handle your data, we use the following principles to guide how we approach privacy at Resistbot:

You own and control your information

Your personal information and your data belong to you. You decide what information you want to share, and how to engage with others. You can also ask us to remove your data at any time.

We are transparent about what data we collect and why

We tell users about the personal information we collect and help them understand how it is used, and why. Being transparent means our users always have access to that information, and that is presented in a manner that all our users are able to understand.

We build with privacy top of mind

Since we started Resistbot, all of our design and infrastructure choices were made with privacy top of mind. This means we partner with privacy and security experts and build that perspective into every stage of the product development, and we only collect the minimum information needed to provide our services.

We don’t monetize your information

At Resistbot, we are fully committed to earning and keeping our users’ trust. As a matter of principle, and to align with our users’ expectation, we don’t sell any user personal information for profit.

We don’t track you across the web or use services that do

Examine our code and you’ll find no trackers or use of Google Analytics. Our emails similarly contain no open tracking or use of pixels. We only use external services that are essential.

We keep your information safe

We make it a priority to keep your information safe and are committed to acting responsibly with your data. We employ physical, administrative, and technological safeguards designed to preserve the integrity and security of your information.

For more information, please review our Privacy Notice.