Resistbot Premium
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Upgrade to Premium

  • AI writer
  • Fax and mail letters
  • Priority access
  • 100% Bonus coins per dollar
  • Ten letters daily
  • Limited-edition pin
  • Daily newspaper front pages
  • Custom keyword
  • And much more

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Free vs. Premium

  • $0
  • Includes:
  • Three AI-written letters
  • Instant digital letter delivery
  • Voter registration monitoring
  • Your data is not sold to any candidate or list
  • Full control of text notifications
  • Pay for postage, faxes, campaign promotions, or more letters with coins
  • Earn free coins by opting into alerts and when someone promotes your campaigns
  • $7/month
  • Or pay yearly and get 2 months free 🎉
  • Everything in free, plus:
  • AI writing and editing for your letters
  • Fax or postal mail your letters
  • Priority access during heavy traffic
  • Monthly (or yearly) coins for postage, faxes, promoting campaigns, or more letters
  • Earn double coins per dollar
  • Limited-edition Rosie pin
  • Daily newspaper front pages
  • Custom keyword
  • Personal web page
  • Write to state & federal lawmakers simultaneously
  • Weekly text for bills coming to the Congress floor
  • Text blasts to your followers when your campaigns launch
  • Help to keep the bot online for all
  • And more coming soon, including:
  • Contact school boards
  • Letter history
  • Fundraising
  • State bill alerts

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