Keyword Guide

I do a lot more than you think! Print me as a handy reference.

1. Pressure Elected Representatives

Contact your elected representatives and make your voice heard.

congressWrite or call your two Senators and Representative in the Congress
stateWrite to your Governor and/or state legislators
senateWrite or call one or both of your U.S. Senators
houseWrite or call your representative in the U.S. House
govWrite or call your Governor
legislatureWrite or call all your state legislators
dncWrite to the Democratic National Committee
officeLocate the D.C. or district offices of your Congressional officials
editorSubmit your last letter as a letter to the editor to your local paper
shareMake your last letter an open letter
petitionMake your last letter a signable petition
imageDownload an image of your last letter
officialsPrint all your current officials and their phone numbers

2. Voting

Get informed and prepared to cast your ballots.

voteGet a personalized voting checklist
electionSee when your next election is (state legislature and higher)
checkCheck your voter registration & get an alert if it changes
pollsFind out where to vote, either early or on Election Day
registerRegister to vote
earlyFind out when and where you can vote early
absenteeGet absentee ballot instructions
trackTrack your absentee ballot
idGet voter ID requirements & an ID if you need one
pledgeCreate a vote pledge card
turnoutInvite a friend to check and protect their voter registration
protectReport an election problem to the national, nonpartisan Election Protection coalition

3. Volunteering

Make a difference in your area.

inviteInvite a friend to vote, check their registration, or write to their representatives
donateDonate to keep me running
bloodFind a local non-profit community blood center
masksVolunteer to help get PPE to health care workers
town hallFind local town halls, office hours, and more from Town Hall Project
subscribeBecome a sustaining donor and unlock more features, or manage your existing donation
momsFind local Moms Demand Action events
indivisibleFind local Indivisible groups or events
runFind local elected offices to run for with Run for Something
calendarGet events on the Resistance Calendar
standFind a local Stand on Every Corner protest
campsFind your nearest ICE or CBP station, possibly housing refugee / migrant children

4. Issues / Education

Understand what's happening around you and why.

trendingSee what petitions are trending right now
nearbySee open letters from your district
VBMSee how your state rates on its vote-by-mail laws, and take action
policeGet police violence data for your state and city
covidGet information for your state including infection data and resources needed to get through this
covid actSee a projection of the outbreak in your state, and how it changes with mitigation
covid testSee testing sites near you
stimGet an estimate of your stimulus payout
netWhere your representatives stand on net neutrality
NRASee how much the gun manufacturers lobby has spent for/against your representatives
gunsSee how gun rights and gun safety groups have spent on your representatives
preexistingGet the estimated number of people with preexisting conditions in your district
trumpSee how often your representatives vote with Trump
sabotageSee how much Trump’s Obamacare sabotage is costing you
topicGet the latest from Resistbot News

5. Manage your Account

Customize your Resistbot experience.

accountMake sure your information is current so I can give you the right local information / representatives
addAdd to a pending message you had started to draft
alertsManage the types of alerts I send you
claimNEW: Claim a username for your petitions
clearReset any pending message you had started to draft
commandsGet a list of these commands
feedbackTell my volunteers what you think about me
oopsRejoin the resistance after unsubscribing
resistJoin the resistance and learn what you can do
stopCancel receiving texts from the service completely
subscribe changeChange the payment subscription method on your account
subscribe endEnd your monthly sustaining donation
supportIf you can’t find an answer on my help page you can reach my volunteers here
upgradeLearn how get a better bot experience on iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram

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