Keyword Guide

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Lobby Your Officials

From Mayor to President, your elected officials work for you.

ceoContact your state's Chief Election Official (Sec. of State, Lt. Gov. or Election Director)
congressContact your U.S. Senators & U.S. House representative
dncContact the Democratic National Committee
federalContact the President and the U.S. Congress
houseContact your representative in the U.S. House
govContact your Governor
legislatureContact all your state legislators
leoContact your local/county election official
lowerContact your state representative(s) or assemblymember(s)
mayorContact your city or county mayor
officesGet the capitol or local offices for your federal officials
officialsList your officials and their phone numbers
presidentContact the President
senateContact one or both of your U.S. Senators
stateContact your Governor and/or state legislators
upperContact your state senator(s)

Get Ready to Vote

Check and protect your registration, get an absentee ballot, and more.

checkCheck your voter registration & be alerted if it changes
collegeFigure out how to vote from college
earlyFind out when and where you can vote early
electionSee when your next election is (state legislature and higher)
eighteenGet a reminder to register when you're eligible to vote
idGet voter ID requirements & an ID if you need one
localFind and contact your local election office
mailGet vote by mail instructions
pollsFind ballot dropboxes and polling places
registerRegister or pre-register to vote
protectReport an election problem to the nonpartisan Election Protection coalition
trackTrack your early or mail-in ballot

Organize & Volunteer

Ten people taking action is better than you taking ten actions. Organize others for more impact.

donateDonate to keep Resistbot running
driveCreate your own voter turnout drive for an issue or candidate
editorSubmit your last letter as a letter to the editor to your local paper
followUse with a username (e.g. FOLLOW ROSIE) to get text updates from a Resistbot member
goUse with a username (e.g. GO ROSIE) to take actions that member created or took also
imageDownload an image of your last letter
inviteInvite a friend to try Resistbot
momsFind local Moms Demand Action events
officeLocate the D.C. or district offices of your Congressional officials
petitionMake your last letter a signable petition
runFind local elected offices to run for with Run for Something
shareMake your last letter an open letter
town hallFind in-person and virtual town halls for your officials
turnoutInvite a friend to check and protect their voter registration
volunteerFind phone banks, canvassing, and other volunteer events
workerFind out how you can work the polls during elections

News, Issues, and Numbers

Informational keywords for issues, news, official data, and more.

billsSee upcoming bills in the U.S. House
donorsSee the top donors to your Congressional officials' campaigns
gunsSee how much gun rights and gun safety groups have spent on your representatives
nearbySee open letters from your district
NRASee how much the gun manufacturers lobby has spent for/against your representatives
policeSee police violence data for your city and state
recountGet a video at the end of each day from The Recount
trendingSee what petitions are trending right now

Community Resources

Non-political community resources to help you out.

bloodFind a local non-profit community blood center
coverageLearn how to get ACA coverage
covidSee pandemic-related restrictions and mandates in your state
covid actGet state and county pandemic data from COVID Act Now
covid testFind COVID testing sites near you
csaFind Community-Supported Agriculture near you
foodFind your nearest food banks
mutual aidFind your nearest mutual aid networks
snapLearn how to get SNAP benefits in your state
vaccineFind your nearest vaccination location

Manage your Account

Your bot settings and preferences.

accountView and change your account info.
alertsManage the types of alerts I can send you
claimClaim a username for your petitions
commandsGet a list of these commands
feedbackLeave product feedback for the volunteers
oopsRejoin after unsubscribing
pairUse from iMessage or Telegram to pair your SMS account
preferencesChange bot behaviors
stopCancel the service completely
subscribeStart a new monthly donation or change/cancel your existing one
supportIf you can’t find an answer on my help page you can get help with your account here
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