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Write Congress in under 2 minutes

Text the word congress to Resistbot on Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, or to 50409 on SMS* and I’ll find out who represents you in Congress, and deliver your message to your two Senators and representative in under 2 minutes. No downloads or apps required.

Hi, I’m Resistbot. I’m going to help you contact your officials. What would you like to tell them?

Congress needs to pass the Keep Families Together Act so children are not separated from their parents at the border.

Sounds great! I’ll deliver that to Senator Brown, Senator Portman, and Representative Ryan.

*Resistbot is a free service, but standard messaging and data rates may apply through your carrier. Message frequency varies. Text STOP to 50409 to stop all messages. Text HELP to 50409 for help

I’m free to use! Donations pay for your postage, faxes, calls, and texts.

0 5,000,000 texts

Every $1 funds 100 text messages, and boy do I text a lot. Show Congress we’re here, and we’re voting in November. Make your donation monthly to get into our members-only Slack channel, early access to features, a say in the product, and priority support.

You can also donate with Paypal or ActBlue.

I’ll submit your letter to your local paper, too!

I’m the only service that allows you to write a letter to your members of Congress, and submit it to your local newspaper at the same time. Send editor and I’ll send the last letter you wrote to your officials to your local paper. Here’s what I’ve gotten published so far.

Lobby more than Congress

Here’s all I can do to help you engage with who represents you. Writing to your state legislators is coming soon.

congress Write or call all your representatives in Congress
senate Write or call one or both of your U.S. Senators
house Write or call your representative in the U.S. House
gov Write or call your Governor
editor Submit your last letter as a letter to the editor to your local paper
share Make your last letter an open letter
numbers Get the phone numbers for your federal and state officials
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Yes, your letters will count

My volunteers have talked to Congressional staffers and the Congressional Management Foundation about how to best to be heard:

According to a 2015 C.M.F. survey of almost two hundred senior congressional staffers, when it comes to influencing a lawmaker’s opinion, personalized e-mails, personalized letters, and editorials in local newspapers all beat out the telephone. —Kathryn Schultz, The New Yorker

So keep it personal, unscripted, and be persistent. Here are a few users who’ve gotten letters back or read more frequently asked questions.

Get ready to vote

Your vote is the only power you have. When it’s election time, whether a midterm, special, or Presidential, I’ve got you covered.

vote Get a personalized voting checklist
check Check your voter registration & get an alert if it changes
polls Find out where to vote, either early or on Election Day
register Register to vote
absentee Get absentee ballot instructions
id Get voter ID requirements & an ID if you need one
pledge Create a vote pledge card
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I’m not fake news!

I’m ready for my Meet the Press appearance, Chuck.

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Get involved

Want to volunteer or do something in person? There’s lots of ways to help.

volunteer Not sure what you want to do? Start here
invite Invite a friend to vote, check their registration, or write to their officials
mobilize Find local events from Mobilize America
swingleft Adopt a Swing Left district and get their events
indivisible Find your local Indivisible group or events
calendar Get events on the Resistance Calendar
stand Find a local Stand on Every Corner protest
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What my users are saying

I have an amazing community of users, and Resistbot is also built by 100% volunteers.

Read more testimonials or see what everyone is saying on Twitter or on Facebook.

We have a policy blog, too

Not sure what to write about? We cover a lot of issues on our policy blog.

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