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Rep. Becca Balint

Verified VoterHinesburg, VT

Support BIDEN !!

Just wanted to weigh in that I am doing everything a middle income angry white Vermonter can do to support Biden/Harris. I'm not giving up on my president and I expect that you will not either es in both feet. Already DISGUSTED that Peter is squawking about asking Biden to step down- it's morally an

Verified VoterBurlington, VT

Help us find a better candidate for President

After June’s disastrous presidential debate — and after many months of concern and doubt — it’s clear to me that President Biden is not up to another four years in the White House, either physically or mentally. Even his ability to wage a sufficiently vigorous campaign for the job is uncertain. The

Verified VoterHinesburg, VT

stop the SCOTUS

I am absolutely appalled by the Supreme Court. Please do everything in your power to stop their illegitimate corruption of our legal system.

Map PinMontpelier, VT

SCOTUS Ethics and today’s decision

A few days ago, I wrote encouraging you to speedily work to establish ethical oversight of SCOTUS. Today’s disastrous decision, essentially giving Trump dictator-like powers with no oversight, demonstrates that the issue is even more dire than I had thought. It is noteworthy that TWO of the justices

Map PinBurlington, VT

who owns my data? Me? It doesn't seem so. We need clear legislation on personal data ownship and sole right to use. We should have a choice to "opt in" instead of typical present so called "opt out" choices that are impossible to follow. Please read this article. Congress must craft and pass right

Map PinMontpelier, VT

We need an enforceable Code of Ethics for Supreme Court Justices

The recent revelations of Justice Samuel Alito flying multiple flags related to the January 6th insurrection, and Justice Clarence Thomas accepting free trips and other gifts from Republican mega donor Harlan Crow, have highlighted the need for an enforceable Code of Ethics for the Justices on the S

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