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Rep. Janice Schakowsky

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Everyday I read and watch local, national, and international news. I obviously only get a glimpse compared to the information you are provided. I wonder how you can see and know all of that and not scream from the rooftops that we need to take care of each other. Imagine if we sent food and clothing

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Those still trapped in Rafah described last night as "One of the worst nights in Rafah", after the intensified ground and aerial assault over the last 48 hours. Palestinians who've fled north to the refugee camps Israel told them to go to are continuing to be targeted by Israel. Yesterday, 6/21, the

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Yesterday, 6/13, the rescue operations to try and save people are in danger of stopping entirely, and the only medical facility with a functioning oxygen station is also at risk. Both urgently need fuel. Rescue operations additionally need equipment and personnel. Israel intentionally blocking human

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Support STAGE Act to revive theater industry

Local theaters enrich communities and bolster local economies across the nation, but the industry is still reeling from the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. With reduced staffing, fewer productions, and many permanent closures, theaters require immediate support to revive and sustain th

Map PinChicago, IL

Thank you for voting against sanctions for the ICC. It was unsurprising legislation from maga. It was disgusting and surprising to see 42 Democrats join the party of lawlessness in that measure. Thank you for not joining in and for voting to uphold international law. Both Bibi and his ilk and Hamas

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Dismayed and disgusted doesn’t begin to cover how vile your actions and inactions regarding the people of Palestine. Right after October 7th, several government officials, including President Biden, touted Israeli lies about beheaded babies. Then, when Israel actually is responsible for beheaded bab

Map PinEvanston, IL

When I email your office, your response is to explain "if I am a constituent, you will respond to my note." or something fairly close to that. Is that adequate representation?

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