Oppose technology ban without due process, transparency
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Oppose technology ban without due process, transparency

To: Rep. McCollum

From: A constituent in Saint Paul, MN

May 1

This proposed legislation raises significant concerns regarding due process and national security justifications. Banning a major technology company based solely on its country of origin and unsubstantiated allegations sets a troubling precedent that undermines principles of fairness and free enterprise. Concrete evidence of genuine threats should be the basis for such impactful government actions, not xenophobic narratives or guilt by association. While safeguarding national interests is crucial, sweeping bans lacking transparency and proper oversight risk doing more harm than good. A measured, evidence-based approach balancing security with openness would better uphold democratic values and avoid destructive overreach. A solution grounded in facts and due process, not rash overreactions, is needed to address legitimate concerns responsibly.

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