Reconsider Senate Bill 5939: Prioritize Ecological Balance
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Reconsider Senate Bill 5939: Prioritize Ecological Balance

To: Rep. Santos, Gov. Inslee, Rep. Street, Sen. Saldana

From: A constituent in Seattle, WA

January 19

The proposed Senate Bill 5939, aimed at protecting livestock from wolf predation, overlooks the ecological significance of wolves. As a keystone species, wolves play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem health, including river restoration. The bill's focus on livestock protection disregards the need for a balanced approach that considers both agricultural interests and environmental conservation. A more sustainable solution would be to invest in non-lethal deterrents and support farmers in implementing these practices. This approach would protect livestock without threatening wolf populations. Therefore, it is requested to reconsider the bill's provisions and prioritize ecological balance.

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