Urge President Biden to Step Down
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Urge President Biden to Step Down

To: Sen. Baldwin

From: A constituent in Milwaukee, WI

July 9

Please urge President Biden to step down from the 2024 ticket. I have spoken to both Democrats and reasonable Republicans and the combination of the debate, ABC interview, and Morning Joe call have damaged their trust. While he executed the job of president well these last four years, his legacy will be utterly destroyed and meaningless if we do not defeat Trump, and he is clearly unable to prosecute the case against Trump. Even when he has a vigorous rally, he is no longer presenting the case for why he should be elected beyond his record, and no one wants to dwell in the past. When he has chances to call out Trump's lies or Project 2025, he comes up short in succinctly making his case. I'm grateful for everything President Biden has done, but it's time for him to step aside and let a younger, more verbally nimble leader take the reins. We cannot lose this election, and both polling and conversations indicate to me that's what will happen. As a swing state VOTER, I implore you to advise he step down. If I can see his decline, then certainly the undecided voters can see it too, and they are the ones leaving him to vote for Trump. For the sake of the country, the sake of the world, and the future of my children, I beg you to help convince him to protect us by leaving this race he clearly cannot win.

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