An open letter to Rep. Pollet, Gov. Inslee, Rep. Farivar, Sen. Valdez.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Pollet, Gov. Inslee, Rep. Farivar, Sen. Valdez

From: A verified voter in Seattle, WA

January 24

I am writing in opposition of the proposed Senate Bill 6272 that will use tax revenue from marijuana sales to fund police and ‘criminal justice activities’. This flies in the face of those who have been wrongfully criminalized over the years for marijuana related ‘crimes’. We don’t need more cops, we need reform! This money should be used to fix our failing infrastructure. I cannot count how many potholes I have to swerve to avoid daily in my neighborhood. This money should fund school programs, so our youth can enrich their lives and education. This money should be used to fund universal basic income, to help our rampant homeless crisis, to build libraries, museums, centers for the arts. There are myriad more worthy ways that we deserve our tax dollars be used than to fund the corrupt, capitalist police forces throughout our great state.

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