Legislate executive oversight after SCOTUS ruling ambiguity
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Legislate executive oversight after SCOTUS ruling ambiguity

To: Sen. Warner, Sen. Kaine, Rep. Wittman

From: A verified voter in Williamsburg, VA

July 3

The Supreme Court's ruling leaves open the question of what qualifies as an "official act" immune from prosecution, delegating that determination to lower courts. Any action that would be considered criminal for every other person in the United States is now considered legal for one person--the president. SCOTUS is divided on partisan lines with the conservative majority of these so called "Justices," appointed by the only convicted felon U.S. president of all time, concluding that undefined "official acts" taken by presidents are immune from criminal prosecution. There should not be any "official act" that a president can do that would simultaneously be a criminal act for literally any other person in this country.

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