An open letter to Justices Court.
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An Open Letter

To: Justices Court

From: A constituent in Dallas, TX

June 10

Are you still deliberating presidential immunity? Let me help you with that. He's not. No one in America is. Ever. Not while president, not after, not before. The fact that you've taken this long to deliberate what every 8th grade student knows to be the case, says everything we need to know about how worthless the Supreme Court has become. You're nothing but a bunch of grifters, taking money in exchange for decisions. Aren't you, Clarence? The rest of you as well. How much is Trump paying you to deliberate? But, let's be honest - i mean Delay. Justice delayed is justice denied All nine of you should be impeached. Yes, you're right, I'm not a lawyer andi don't know if that's even possible given our disgraceful justice system's partisan behavior. But Americans - real Americans - not the sick maga crowd - want YOU to do your job and say, without qualifications, that Trump is not immune. Say it - No one is immune from prosecution in America. Come on, say it Or go down in history as the worst bunch of partisan hacks to ever wear the black robe. You're already close to that, but you could still redeem yourselves. Will you? For America?

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