An open letter to Sen. Scott.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Scott

From: A verified voter in New Ellenton, SC

May 6

The answer is YES! The fact that you were unable to say that tells everyone that, if the Predecessor doesn't win in November, that you will support another insurrection attempt. DISGUSTING!!! You reTrumplicans lie to your cult followers that President Biden is a bad person and will ruin our Country. That is purely a power play and has nothing to do with Democracy. You want us to become an autocratic theocracy, totally AGAINST our Constitution and what the Founding Father's intended. The Predecessor is a horrible person. He is the anti-christ. If you are aware of that, you are a horrible person too. If you are not aware of that, you are blind and lack intelligence. You reTrumplicans in Congress have chased out all of the true Republicans so that the Republican party no longer exists. It's now the reTrumplican party, full of power hunger idiots intent on destroying our Country. I'm ashamed that you "represent" the State I live in. You are trying to doom us to the autocrats of the world. Do you really think tRump is smart enough to keep us safe from the likes of putin?!? You will be one of those responsible for ruining us.

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